Why Date In US?


Great Question!   First we feel that dating locally is the correct if not the only way to date find love. 

Long distant dating does not usually work out. Long distant dating is expensive, tiring and at the end of the day one of you will need to stop your life and move.  This means getting a new job, new friends and more travel to see your family and friends back home. Also you are under the stress and pressure of creating a new life, all the while attempting to create a relationship that may not workout.

Dating locally makes sense.  By using Date In US,  we expect in a matter of days, after you get in touch with your match, you will meet in person and have a date.  By being local and seeing the person soon you eliminate the chance of being tricked ("Catfished").

Our most significate differentiator is that Date in US is using a complex (Patent Pending) mathematic logarithm to provide a two way match.  Our system does not allow for random searches (FAKE MATCHES). We only show you people who have compatibility to you and them to you.   Most of the other sites allow for one way matches, this is a waste of your time and effort.


Yes, we have an APP.

We are not a hook up site.  We hope with Date in US you will find your match and create a relationship.  This takes work. Yes, we built an app. But by being on the street or subway “playing” on an app does not allow you to collect your thoughts nor provides the needed environment to review each match properly. 

Think of it as a report for work or a thesis for school.  Would you use your phone?


With this said if you want please download the app.


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Mobile web compatible. 


Pictures & Videos

Should I include a picture with my profile?

YES.  People are visual. Without several “REAL & CURRENT” Images of yourself you will be wasting your time and money on any website. 

What type of pictures should I show?

It should be only of you. Show your face, so no sunglasses. Try and have pictures that display the unique person that you are.  If you love your pets include them.  We suggest not showing pictures of your kids no matter how much you love them.  Clothing is NOT optional.  You should always be dressed.  This is up to you, but keep in mind we are not a hook up site.  Date in US was built on the premise of helping you find a relationship. 


Also a must have, without it you are wasting your time. Also it is important to include both an Intro and an Interest Video.  A minute or two is all that you need.  The goal of the video is to entice the other person in learning more about you. So don’t give away too much. We suggest you write a simple script but memorize it so it seems like natural speech.  

Example Intro:   Hi, my name is _(Only the First Name) __   I am ________ years old I live in _(Location) I work in _(Location)  as a (Occupation).      I am looking to meet a kind and loving (Gender) that enjoys…..


Example Interest:    I just joined (Organization) that meets on Thursdays. We go to (Place) and (Activity) .  It is so much fun.

You get the idea.


First Dates

Where should I meet someone for the first date?

You should pick a nice place that you are comfortable with. A public place that is filled with people is best. Be sure to tell a friend or two where you are going and whom you are meeting. You might even want to arrange for your friend to call you at a specific time or two during the date.


Our suggestion is to stay away from a Bar, a Movie or a Performance event, as you will not be able to have a conversation.   

If you decide to go for a meal avoid drinking alcohol on your first date.  You want to learn about the other person without any distortion of judgement. 


There are many free or low cost activities in your wonderful city.  When warm, meet in a park and take a walk. When it is cold, try a museum or an art gallery.


Second Dates - if you enjoyed your first date, schedule the second date before the first one ends. 

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